Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bailey Loves Flower Arranging

This is my first attempt to make my blog more personal. Since crafts of all kinds are of interest to me, I thought I would invite you to read about the little critter who sometimes helps me to create my projects.

Bailey is a female grey cockatiel and in my eyes a sweetie pie. Everyday we watch Ellen and I thought at first she was a big fan of Ellen, just like me. Little did I know, Bailey was using Ellen to distract me while she rearranged the flowers in my bay window. Bailey will call me to let me know it is 10:00 am and time to watch Ellen. Once Ellen is finished dancing, Bailey makes a break for the window.

Have you ever showed something you made to, lets say your mother, only to have her say, "well that is nice dear but you should have done it like this"? Well, I have had this happen to me but only to have Bailey first tell me she absolutely loves it. See the above picture of my attempt at flower arranging. Then to let me know in her own way that she wanted to tweek it a little bit, see picture below.

Now, I understand this was a lame attempt to make this little vignette but do you like Bailey's any better than mine? All I am saying is, it's all Ellen's Fault.