Saturday, June 12, 2010

Facebook Friends and Fan Pages 5000 Limit

I learned that Facebook has a limit on how many people you can friend and how many business pages you can fan. The two combined is 5000 and I have met my limit this past Friday. Like many of you, I used my personal profile page to get friends to fan my business and now I have 2548 people who are both my friend and fan at the same time. Which means, I can no longer make a friend or fan another business, unless I remove someone per Facebook suggestion. Since we are double linked, I cannot use Link Love to find other businesses to share the Link Love.

Have you ever considered having a Facebook Business Fan Page? The reason for this question is this, even if you meet your 5000 friend/fan limit, others will still be able to fan your business page. If you use your personal profile, you will only be able to have the friends you have, minus all the pages/groups you have fanned. So if you have harvested 2500 friends and you have fan/liked 2500 businesses, your personal profile will only 5000 combined.

I have 3485 fan at present on my business page, if you subtract 2548 friend/fans from this number, you will see that I have 937 people who have fanned my business without being my friend. You will never be able to have this with your personal profile only. Keep in mind if you have a friend who is also your fan, you cut the 5000 limit in half.

I am sure all of this is confusing but then again, Facebook seems to like it this way. Remember, Facebook wants you to use their advertising marketing tools to get people to fan you. Heck, I am a business owner and I understand their point of view but during this rocky economy I cannot afford to advertise my business. Believe me, Advertising a Business or not Advertising a Business, will make or break a Business.

When I found the Link Love I thought, this is a fantastic way for business to network without breaking the bank. Well that was, until I hit that magic 5000 Friend/Fan Page limit. LOL!!!

Thank you for reading this long winded Facebook saga but I did not know how to shorten it and have it make sense.
Dona Hepfinger
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Unknown said...

Wow that's one way to do it!

Dawn Lopez said...

Thanks for the info and tips!

I am stopping by to let you know I am your new Google follower from #linklove! Hopefully there is no limit on google, lol~!! =)

Hope you will swing by to see us at

Have a great week!