Thursday, October 7, 2010

Etsy and Why I am Clueless

I have had my Etsy account since last November but only listed one thing because I cannot for the life of me figure out the international shipping. I listed three things last night and put the shipping for the USA only, because I am not sure what Etsy is asking me to do. It is kind of time consuming to figure out the shipping for each country and some of the countries I am not even sure about, non-the-less figuring the cost to ship to them. Am I making this harder than it should be? More than likely the answer is yes. LOL!!!

Another thing I am concerned about is, I also will list picture frames and I am concern about breakage being shipped overseas. I pack items well but I do not know how well my picture frames will travel to another country. I have never had a problem with Canada but they operate pretty much like the USPS anyway.

If you would be kind enough to let me know if I have done something wrong, I sure would appreciate your help. Thanks in advance, Dona


Almost Precious said...

Gosh I wish I could help you with this one but it is something that I too struggle with That "everywhere else" throws me for a loop. Some people just look at the international shipping chart and take the most expense rate to list for "everywhere else" and then list some countries together such as Canada, UK, Mexico under a set shipping rate. I tend to list the US and Canada rates and state in my policies that if there is interest from another part of the world, to please convo me and I'd give them a shipping rate. Guess I lose some business that way but I have, so far, shipped to England, France, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and places in South America and the West Indies.
But if someone could explain the easy route of fixing a shipping rate involving "everywhere else" I'd love to read about it too. :)

mua thuoc tot said...
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