Monday, October 11, 2010

Treasury and more things I do not know about Etsy

I have come to the conclusion I must be living in a time warp. By recently listing my wares on Etsy, I have been bombarded with a plethora of new Social Media avenues I have been told I need in order to shine on Etsy. I have been told about Stumbleupon and learning about this has my head spinning. Kaboodle, I have the account, now what? There is a Tumblr and the list goes on.

Today, I had a nice lady, I believe in Turkey, who put me in her Treasury on Etsy. Okay, what does a Treasury do and how does one go about having a Treasury? She tried to help me but when I went to Etsy and saw their Treasury link information, it was kind of confusing, well for me anyway. LOL!!! She had included my picture frame in her Green Treasury. Correct me if I am wrong, but lets say I am feeling the color puce today, then can I create a reddist brown Treasury? LOL!!! Okay, then how do I find all the rest of the puce items on Etsy? What I did not realize until now, she did not include a green item of her own, wonder why?

I guess I will have to check the library for the Etsy for Dummies book. Wonder if Donald Trump sell on Etsy, I am sure he would have a go to guy if he did. LOL!!!

My shop on Etsy is Homecraft Framing and Gifts ,would you be kind enough to take a look and let me know if I am doing something wrong or even right?

Thank You,


Dawn Doucette said...

Hi Dona,
Congrats on starting your Etsy store. While I'm a seller on Artfire rather than Etsy, I can explain what the treasury is. It's designed to showcase items that all have a specific theme. So whether is a specific color, or shape, or say they are all beachy items, or fall items... you can create a treasury and promote it if you are using social media.

I know when I first started piecing all the bits 'o social media together it was overwhelming. My $0.02 is this, use what you are comfortable with and what you will keep updated and continue to use on a regular basis. Don't take the "set it & forget it approach." For me I do FB, Twitter and I have my blog in addition to my Artfire store and website. I have my blog direct feeding to The Hive which I've found is an awesome group of people.

If you want help, let me know. I've written a book about using Twitter that's free on my blog. It's in the right hand margin, just enter your name & e-mail address and check your inbox.

Hope this is a little help! Glad to meet you and look forward to sharing more!


Angie Berry ~ Berry Homespun Primitives said...

Oh girl, I don't even know! I checked into selling on Etsy but just trying to sign up made my head spin so I opted out of it. Too much for me. I went back to ebay after a year or so break and I discovered that their listings are free for a few months. So I listed about a dozen items and it didn't cost me a thing! I hope you get it all figured out. Wish I could be of help, sorry.

Dana said...

When you list an item on etsy to sell, tag it with the color, what it's made of, what theme it is, etc... then when someone looks up specific tags, your items will pop up with others with that tag.

I love to make treasuries as it's fun to see all the things people can make. But it can sure be hard to choose.

Fire Dragon said...
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